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Feminine products, delivered discreetly, on schedule.

Aunt Irma delivers tampons and other feminine products discreetly to your door. Subscribe today - stop worrying and get what you need when you need it.

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I like to shop, now I have more time to do it.
I get better value and selection than at my local store.
Home delivery instead of waiting on line at the drug store? I’ll take it any month!
I love the extra touch – finally a service that understands what I want.
I don’t need to remember to buy tampons – Aunt Irma does it for me.
Reliability is key – Irma is always on top of it.
Chocolate makes me happy – thanks Aunt Irma!
Aunt Irma has what I need, even when my local store doesn’t.
I really like the wide selection – it allows me to experiment with new tampons.
I get my period every month, now I get the solution too!

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